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SRE Monthly Roundup — May 2022

SRE Monthly Roundup
SRE Monthly Roundup — May 2022
By António Araújo • Issue #3 • View online
Hi friends 👋
Welcome to the third edition of the SRE Monthly Roundup. Our guest this month is Artem Yakimenko, Director, SRE & Security at Mr Yum.

After spending almost 8 years at Google, Artem took on the challenge of building out the SRE function at Mr Yum. Tune in to hear us talking about:
  • Being an SRE for Google Cloud Storage
  • SRE principles you can take from Google to a fast growing startup
  • What keeps Artem busy these days and what has changed going from IC to Director
  • Production Readiness Reviews at Mr Yum
  • A better alternative to Kafka
  • for common data engineering tasks
  • Exciting engineering challenges when building an elastic infrastructure
  • Advice for young engineers
The Roundup
/ a collection of interesting blogs & articles, news and stories
Real-world & detailed description about the embedded SRE topology at Mercari by @deeeet. If you’re reaching that team size where embedded makes sense, I’m sure you can replicate several of the processes they have going on at Mercari.
I’ve seen how easy it is to give an arbitrary, “that-seems-about-right” value to an SLO. Well, it might even be recommended to do exactly that during the discovery/exploratory phase of SLO implementation. However, performing a due diligence on the SLI’s risk factors is just as important as monitoring the SLO — by @AyeletSachto
This blog by Jake Henningsgaard introduced me to the concept of Domain-Oriented Observability. It made so much sense to me given the amount of conversations I’ve been having about how to instrument for better SLOs.
Just as Jake above, @adrianamvillela explains the benefits of contextual and all-around observability. In this case, it’s about how it can help QA engineers.
What’s coming
/ shortlist of events, meet ups, product launches
/ what is HugOps
This month we’re sharing #HugOps with:
Google Cloud — May 8th and May 24th
Coinbase — May 12th
Slack — May 4th
GitHub — May 27th
Figma — May 17th
DigitalOcean — May 12th
Who’s hiring
From the blog
And that’s it for this month! What have I missed? Tell me on Twitter or [email protected]. See you next month!  
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